Art on commission in the Dutch Consulate, Peter the Great, St. Petersburg in Russia. Historical connections in stencils style
Exposition with Rob Scholte, Rineke Dijkstra in Mueso de bellas Artes, Buenos Aires, Argentiona in the year 2000.
As a new fan of French rock I intended to meet Johnny, and I succeeded in the harbour of St. Tropez 1998
With my new wife Jeannette Dekeukeleire I did a job in a Dutch Fake Town in Japan in 1995 commissioned by Rob Scholte.
Excursions in the land of the Rising Son, filming as they filmed us, no hesistation, hello !
The work done in the Palace, 3 build-outs full with tiles, spraying meters with numerous details in 1995.
In the year 2022 the Artkitchen Gallery is manifesting itself in new manners. The terrace is an outside meeting place, the backside is a secret exhibition spot, with hidden meetings of selected people. The website is dedicated to rare publications and manifestations. Soon there will be Podcasts out, but now here is the exclusive page with Artkitchen archive files for you to take a start. Rare footage of FLUXUS and PUNK stars will follow soon, without any membership or even cookies. Free, as a bird upon a tree, we are family, all the brothers and sisters and me.
Under the vulcano, Japan 1993.
The End of the Zebra House 1998.
Short clip of a visit to Fes, Morocco 2019.
Junkie DOUDOU in Otrobanda 1999
With Ruben la Cruz in the ghetto of Willemstad, Curacao
AT5 documentary
Melkwegjournaal 1982 Mathijs Blonk