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Hugo Kaagman, one stencil pioneer

 Today we know that the legend of the French stencil pioneer is wrong. Many artists have used the stencil on the street simultaneously in various countries since the 70s. Hugo Kaagman is one of them. Hugo Kaagman was born in 1955 in Holland in Haarlem. He started graffiti in 1969 and stencil in 1977. In his first period, he created murals through stencil and spray by hand and using various elements of punk and reggae culture. His stencils are inspired by the grounds of different cultures that he combined to form larger compositions. After initially having sought his inspiration elsewhere, he discovered Holland and developed his own contemporary version of Delft blue tiles. Since 1983 Hugo Kaagman received many official commissions and created a great many murals at home and abroad. Samantha Longhi  Directrice Galerie Openspace, Rédactrice chef Graffiti Art magazine and Fondatrice Stencil History X  Aujourd’hui, nous savons que la légende du pionnier français est erronée. De nombreux artistes ont fait usage du pochoir dans la rue simultanément dans différents pays dès les années 70. Hugo Kaagman est l’un d’entre eux. Hugo Kaagman est né en 1955 en Hollande à Haarlem. Il commence le graffiti en 1969 et le pochoir en 1977. Dans sa première période, il réalise des peintures murales au pochoir et au spray à la main en utilisant différents éléments de la culture punk et reggae. Ses pochoirs sont inspirés par les motifs de différentes cultures qu’il combine afin de former de grandes compositions. Il s’intéresse ensuite de plus près à la culture hollandaise et met au point sa propre vision contemporaine de la céramique de Delft ce qui définit aujourd’hui son style. En 1983, Hugo Kaagman passe du statut d’artiste de graffiti opérant dans le centre d’Amsterdam au statut d’artiste “officiel”. Il reçoit depuis  de nombreuses commandes publiques et privées et a créé un grand nombre de peintures murales en Hollande et à l’étranger.
Cat 22:                       december 2013  Some words of respect. Last Friday evening me and a couple of friends got invited by Hugo Kaagman at a private party on a train station in Amsterdam. I felt incredible honored that I got invited by the man who organized almost like everything in the early, early days of graffiti in Amsterdam. In the late 70's it was Hugo who set not only graffiti on the map but also organizing all kinds of concerts, making the greatest magazine ever (Koekrant), helping young kids to find their identity and strength. The first time we met was together with Diana Ozon (Gretchen Gestapo) in your gallery Anus. In retrospective I realize how f%&king great this all was!! Many people do not understand the position Hugo is in. For instance there would not be a wanker like Bansky if Hugo wasn't there. I dare to say that the face of graffiti in Europe would be totally different if he didn't do his stuff. What I love about your work through the years that you stayed yourself, all the times. I saw too many, so called artists who sold their soul for a nickle and a dime but you did and do what your heart tells you to do. That's why I respect you so much...  At the end Hugo gave me his book that I read yesterday and it f%*king blew my mind! Thanks Hugo for that, in my vision you're a true, true king of GRAFFITI and not streetart. You're a true writer!!! My respect.
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